Коротко о книге LDK 9. Aoi and Shusei have finally admitted their feelings openly and have decided to be together as a couple. With all she holds dear on the line, will the couple be able to convince Aoi’s father that this is a relationship worth fighting for? In the midst of trying to balance their living situation with the added romance, the pair gets an unexpected visit from Aoi’s father, a towering former bodybuilder! He is shocked by their cohabitation and threatens to put an end to the comfortable life she’s gotten used to with Shusei.

Лайтман М., Хачатурян В. Перспективы XXI века: Рождение интегрального мира. Издание 2-е, исправленное и дополненное

Евгений Александрович Пекки Невыдуманные истории от Жоры Пенкина. Книга 1. Криминал

Книги Эксмо Оперативное вмешательство

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