The Rosary Girls

The Rosary Girls


Коротко о книге The Rosary Girls. Each clutches a rosary in her lifeless grasp. Suspects appear before them like bad dreams - and vanish just as quickly. Veteran cop, Kevin Byrne and his rookie partner, Jessica Balzano set out to hunt down the elusive killer, who leads them deeper and deeper into the abyss of a madmans depravity. While the body count rises, Easter is fast approaching: the day of resurrection and of the last rosary to be counted... In the most brutal killing crusade Philadelphia has seen in years, a series of young Catholic women are found dead, their bodies mutilated and their hands bolted together.

Книги Азбука Двенадцать стульев. Золотой теленок

Е. В. Бехтерева Себестоимость. От управленческого учета затрат до бухгалтерского учета расходов

Леонард Э. Смерть со спецэффектами

Большая книга притч, или Агада: Сказания, притчи, изречения Талмуда и Мидрашей

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