Other Stories and Other Stories

Other Stories and Other Stories


Коротко о книге Other Stories and Other Stories. These stories fizz with life. She dances surely and lightly over the form. Beautifully written and quietly unsettling. Smiths prose is a joy. Other Stories and Other Stories is a stunning collection of short stories from Ali Smith. Ali Smith is the author of novels Girl Meets Boy, Like, The Accidental, Hotel World and There But For The. Individually lucid and luminous, these formally inventive and exquisite tales resonate subtly together. Like Russian dolls, separate yet invisibly linked, they unfold from and into one another. (Big Issue). Bold and sensitive. A wonderful collection; deceptively easy on one level with its whirling library of ghost story, funny story, love story, scary story, and more. (Guardian). (Independent). Captures quiet epiphanies of the extraordinary in the mundane. Smith breathes life into her imagined words with a true understanding of the craft of the short-story writer. In examining the distances and connections between ourselves and others, and lightly and expertly inching us closer to the bone, storytelling itself has never seemed so necessary, so moving or so joyous. She has been twice shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, twice nominated for the Orange Prize and won the Whitbread Novel of the Year in 2005. She has published the short story collections The First Person and Other Stories, Free Love and Other Stories, Other Stories and Other Stories and The Whole Story and Other Stories. (Sunday Times). (The Times Literary Supplement). (Herald).

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